Sharing has never been simpler.

What is zSnap?

zSnap is an easy-to-use utility for taking screenshots and sharing images. It's designed with simplicity and function in mind, and provides this though a refined user interface.

It's completely free, and there are no advertisements anywhere inside the application or on this website. We've provided a brief overview below.

Built for the Future

In order to provide the best experience, zSnap builds on and makes use of new features introduced in Windows® 7 and 8, and drops support for Windows® XP. This provides a great deal more freedom for new features and improvement.

Pluggable & Extensible

Unlike with other utilities, with zSnap you aren't locked-in to a single hosting service. Through a well-defined and well-documented API (application programming interface), zSnap can be extended by plugins to use almost any hosting service.

Well Documented

With the help of an extensive online collection of documentation, anyone can pick up zSnap and start using it. No hassle, no learning curve, and no hair-pulling if your favourite search engine draws a blank.

For the information on the latest release, you can click the Release Notes button near the top right of this section. The Install button will provide you with a download of the installer package, and the ZIP button will provide you with the ZIP archive package.


Windows® 7 / 8 / 8.1 — Release 1.2.0
Requires .NET Framework 4.5 or later
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